Finding our feet in the Caribbean

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So here we are already, settling into a routine at our base in the Caribbean. The first leg of our travel is already over, we have driven across America.

While travelling I didn’t have many opportunities to write. I could have made more of an effort to find the time, but it would mean missing out of the activities and adventures the family were doing -and that is not in the spirit of this trip! I’m hoping that now we are in our own house and have the chance to chill out a little, I will be able to refer to my notes and write about the places we visited along the way.

We are on the island of St Lucia, it’s our first full day in the house and we are slowly settling into it. It’s tipping it with rain, we have no hot water yet and I can’t get the clothes dryer working. We aren’t sure if we can drink the tap water and we don’t have keys to unlock all the exterior doors. We underestimated how far away from everything we are and now wonder if choosing not to have a car on the island might only make things difficult for us.

From the airport yesterday we caught a taxi to the house, we quickly meet the housekeeper, collected our keys and dropped our bags off in the hallway before taking the taxi to the nearest supermarket. Our patient taxi driver waited as we collected supplies in the supermarket. I asked two ladies where I could find dishwasher tablets, they laughed and told me on the island the locals use their hands, I guess the dishwasher in our kitchen is just for show.

We brought the basics; toilet paper, salt, pepper, oil… trying to buy local where we could. We also got the supplies we thought we would need for the next few days. Without really knowing the exchange rate I made a few costly mistakes… a $10 block of imported feta, a bag of imported pears at $5 a pear… needless to say it was a stupidly expensive mistake I hope not to repeat.

So here we are, I’m sitting on our balcony looking over forest towards the bay. It’s hot and muggy but a slight breeze is keeping it cooler today. The rain is consistent, we haven’t seen a gap in the clouds since we arrived yesterday morning. I can hear the feral dogs barking in the surrounding properties, the birds aren’t chirping as much today. Our kids are happy to be playing in their own bedrooms and mostly leaving us to get on with our own things.

I’m sure we will settle into life here. For now, we must come to terms with things being a little different to what we had expected, but that’s all part of the adventure I guess.

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