Christmas is Coming

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The last few weeks have been busy for us, Iain has had to work day and night, our babysitter left us high & dry and out of pocket, Iain turned 40, I got sick, we had house guests… the list goes on. It’s just life, it’s great but it’s busy. It’s difficult to catch your breath and put things into perspective when you get wrapped up in every day life. I feel as though there is a week missing from somewhere in the middle of December and now the holidays are almost upon us. So throw Christmas prep into the mix and we’re running on all cylinders.

Yesterday we finally made some Christmas plans, we are leaving a week tomorrow and driving up to the UK from Switzerland. I didn’t want to deal with the stress of Christmas travel, but I agreed with Iain, a Christmas with his family is long over due.

So now there is the stress of Christmas prep and Christmas travel…. Each week I get Tuesday morning to my self, from 9am drop off until 11:40am pick up. That is the only time in my week I don’t have at least one of our darling yet hugely demanding cherubs by my side. That is my time slot to be productive. At the beginning of each week I know I should spend my kid free time on things related to the 2017 trip, but by the end of the week I’m running out the door to go to work wishing I could find the time to do a food shop and 5 minutes to clean the bathroom -shit I need to spend some time this week on our gap year, if only I could find the time!

Right now it’s 11pm Tuesday night and I’m just in the door from a lovely Christmas cocktail evening. It was a great event, but it did take my whole evening, and it did cost me money to get a babysitter in, but then it’s Christmas and it’s nice to do these things at Christmas. Just like today, my one day when I have the three girls out of the house for almost three whole hours, I can be productive, if I choose to be. But it’s Christmas soon so I thought I’d spend my free time trying to do some Christmas shopping on line. I spent that time looking at stuff, I didn’t end up buying anything other than some moisturiser for myself -no Christmas presents and my one ‘free’ morning gone, never to return.

I find it difficult to prioritise our trip. It’s always been so far away. There are so many things demanding my time and attention now. I know I should be using my time better. I struggle with time management just as much as I struggle with money management. Recently I had to talk myself out of buying more Christmas decorations because we are supposed to be saving money and I will just have to put the decorations in storage when we leave, so the money I saved, I spent on Poinsettias -which will soon end up on the compost heap. I know this is ridiculous, I know I am making a huge mistake, I know I need to save my money and invest time planning our trip -but then I don’t and I let another day, another CHF50 slip through my fingers, because its Christmas soon. I could have found our Sri Lanka accommodation today, or put 50CHF into our savings, but I didn’t, I went to a Christmas cocktail evening, I looked at my laptop all morning and I brought Christmas plants. dammit!

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