A day in the (Island) life of the Slow Travel Family.

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Nothing beats waking up slowly, laying in bed a little longer reading a book or checking my phone. We have no morning alarm to snooze or school run to stress about. We just wake up when we need to, get out of bed when we want to. Holly is always the first one up, she is happy to have some peace before her two sisters wake.


We get up, put the coffee pot on and do some morning yoga or stretching in the back garden. After breakfast Iain and Holly sit down to get a head start on the school work. Chloe is always the last one out of bed, sometimes sleeping until after 10am. Once Chloe has eaten and dressed she joins Holly and Iain at the dinner table to get some school work done.


I try sneak off for a morning swim before the kids jump in the pool. I am a terrible swimmer, hopefully I will improve and enjoy it more in time. Gemma is usually happy to leave her sisters to do their work but sometimes I need to take her out to keep her from distracting the others.


We are grateful the house has a pool and a nice outside space, we enjoy an acre of lush garden looking over the bay below, balcony and garden surround the house, it’s always open. Our house is on a gravel road only accessible by foot or four by four vehicle. We share our potholed road with two other houses, whose guests announce themselves by tooting as they approach. The rubbish collectors pull up to our house and yell out, asking if we have any rubbish for them. We have three curious cows and a white duck who visit to keep the grass short along the roadside, they stay together in a tight pack. The cows still have broken rope trailing behind them, once keeping them tied in somewhere. We watch from our balcony as the cows chase away some barking dogs. There are a lot of dogs here. We also have cats and chickens all wandering free -so far it seems all these wild domestic animals live harmoniously, they don’t seem to be eating one another despite looking as though they really need a meal. We have lizards who sometimes come into the house, birds fly through the house looking for crumbs. So far no spiders, but we do have some large bugs and a lot of ants.


We are on the eastern Caribbean island of St Lucia. We knew nothing about St Lucia before renting a house here. We didn’t realise how isolated our house was when we decided not to hire a car. We didn’t realise how basic the amenities were before choosing to spend a month here, we didn’t realise how short the days were or how much cloud cover to expect this time of year, but as we settle into the rhythm of things we are loving this, just the way it is.


We still have no hot water. The cloud has lifted and it’s still hot and muggy -so the cold showers aren’t too severe. We are spending a lot of time in and around our pool. All feeling happier and more relaxed as the sun shines. There are a few little maintenance issues at the house, so we have people coming and going most days. Despite today being a public holiday, the handyman Leo came again this morning. He stayed to clean his car here, then stayed to join us for lunch, we enjoy his company. As with everyone we have meet here so far, Leo is friendly and kind.


We have found all the keys for all the exterior doors and I went to the ‘gourmet’ supermarket to find the dishwasher tablets. The clothes dryer sometimes trips the fuse, but it’s working. It’s safe to drink the tap water and we are having a great time exploring the local beaches. Our nearest beach is a short walk from our house, the stray dogs lead the way and join us for a swim. The water is beautiful.


I try to go for a run or do some kettlebell swings in the afternoons. We are conscious of being active while Iain and I try to shift some of the USA weight we gained.


We are figuring things out here as we start to get a routine. We know where to shop and who to call when we need a lift. We love enjoying time together as a family, all eating lunch and dinner together on the balcony. We are loving the outside living. The days still go too quickly (perhaps I should get out of bed earlier) but we do enjoy the relaxed, Caribbean way of life here, even if it means waiting a week to get the hot water sorted!

2 thoughts on “A day in the (Island) life of the Slow Travel Family.

  1. Sounds wonderful! Here in Founex fall is arriving. Your apple tree has several big fruits . I just had a look over the fence today. Watching out for Timothy, but have not seen him for a while. Barry’s family moved in today for a 10 day holiday. Have met the kids, lovely with their scottish accent.
    I will be off to Sri Lanka with Marc on Saturday. So much looking forward to it. You will see my posts on Facebook. Enjoy the Carabbians! Kisses to the girls😘

    1. Thanks Petra, I wonder if Timothy is hibernating already. You must be so excited for Sri Lanka, we can’t wait to see your posts and get some tips for our trip there next month.
      Fantastic Barry and family are there, I hope they are enjoying the house. Hugs from us all x

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