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We have booked our flights! …well paid the deposit on the first part of our flights at least.
It feels like a huge move forward to put a deposit down, things are starting to feel more real. I had a constructive conversation with our travel agent Jim yesterday. We ironed out a few little details and discussed dates. Iain has put down our deposit to secure the flights and after we make another payment today our flights will be about half way paid up.

Unfortunately, I feel like I’m getting my second cold of February which really sucks. I want to be feeling fit and well, I need the energy to really tackle this planning head on. I feel as though I am being pulled in too many directions, without enough time to really focus on one thing. Without help at home, working and training for a marathon it’s a juggling act. On top of all of this the Airbnb has picked up -which is great, it’s a nice little earner, but it is more work for me. Poor Kate, our visitor from NZ isn’t getting the usual special treatment most of our other guest from NZ receive, we haven’t done anything too exciting, we have been mostly Founex bound, I hope she doesn’t mind. We did manage a trip to Annecy yesterday and a day in Chamonix on Sunday, so it isn’t all doom and gloom, but it would be nice to have the time and money to do more together. School holidays start next week, that might make it easier to get out and about some more.

I have a similar feeling when I look at our planning. There is so much to do, I feel as though I don’t give enough time to each thing. It is also difficult to know what to tackle first. When ever I had a spare moment I tried to work on the website, which is still currently a bit of a car crash. I have had to accept I will need to pay for someone to help me with it. I’m now looking for the right person at the right price. I want to remain in control of our website but I need someone to set it up and point me in the right direction. I know what I want with the site, I just dont know how to get there yet. I often think the planning will come together better if I have the website sorted, but in reality the website is only one part of the planning. I need to spend some time looking into each place we want to visit. I need to find out more about the places, the people, the accommodation, the cost, the weather… We are travelling slow but visiting a few places, I have a lot to do.

I brought a big ring binder folder, I have marked the dividers and will start keeping some notes in a decent order. I like stationary, I like things being down on paper, I feel more organised when I can map things out, but even that has been difficult to do until I figured out how I could do it. Today a big USA road map and the book Road Trip USA arrived from Amazon, I look forward to getting stuck into them too. Crap, there is so much to do. We also need to start thinking about getting ourselves organised to move our home into a storage facility. I am sure Iain is under estimating how much storage we will need. Any way, I will push that issue aside for now, I have enough stuff I need to be thinking about and organising for today.

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