February Holidays and a family passing

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It’s the winter school holidays, most of our neighbours have gone to the mountains but we are spending this week at home, saving money, working hard and planning our travels. It is a great feeling to get stuck into a task and even greater feeling to actually tick something off my long list of things to do. I am struggling to be productive while the girls are at home this week, but I do enjoy not having to go back and forth to their school several times a day! I just wish there were some kids left in our village for these guys to hang out with.

Fortunatly we had a visitor from NZ stay for two weeks so we did manage to get out and do some of the usual Swiss sight seeing we like to do when we have someone new visit. Unfortunately this coincided with the passing of my maternal Grandfather back home in NZ. I was feeling torn about staying in Switzerland with my little family and our guest, or go home to the comfort of my extended family. I decided to stay here, which wasn’t an easy decision to come to, especially as my Grandfathers funeral happened to be when my brother and his wife were visiting home from London. If I had made the trip back to New Zealand it would have been the first time in years all our family were together. I suppose it was a blessing we had our visitor as it kept me busy and kept my mind from wandering too much into a sad state.

My brother and his wife are now back in London and our visitor is on her way back to NZ. I am keeping my self focused on our website stuff. I feel as though I have been working to get it finished for too long now, since before Christmas and it was a long time before we started to get any where with it. Unfortunately I had to admit I needed help. I employed someone through Upwork.inc who is currently getting our site sorted for me and doing a much better job than I could have done.

Alongside the website I have been setting up our Slow Travel Family Twitter account, Pinterest account, Instagram account, You Tube channel and Facebook page. It’s silly, but I feel nervous about taking the first big step and announcing to the world we are doing this travelling. Although I guess announcing to the world is ok, I struggle with announcing it to people we already know; work, acquaintances and Facebook friends. I worry about what people will think.

When writing about our plans is difficult to get the right balance between keeping things real and interesting, being informative and entertaining, sharing what we have learnt but also holding onto some privacy. Yesterday Holly wanted me to record a video of her talking about our trip. She ‘wrote’ the script herself and she is so proud. Today I took the giant leap and up loaded it to our You Tube channel, our first video as The Slow Travel family and the first time I have ever put anything on You Tube. When I last checked it had 7 views, I think all 7 views were the girls and I. I’m yet to share the link on my personal Facebook page …little steps!

If you are interested in checking out what Holly has to say on her first ever post, please check it out on the link below, she will really appreciate the extra views!

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