Garden Days

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The sun is shinning, with a high of 18 degrees, I’ve been running in short sleeves this week and absolutely loving it. I feel my mood lifting as the mercery rises. The landscape is slowly becoming greener and I am enjoying my garden come back to life. I was looking back on old photos of us hanging out in our garden over the years we have lived in this house. We arrived when Chloe was a new baby and Holly was a cute wee toddler. The garden was barron, not even grass was choosing to grow there. Over the years the garden has grown and developed along side our little family. It has been a labour of love and a source of emense pride watching it become a special little space of texture and colours where nature has a home. We encourage birds to visit by keeping seed in a little house suspended from the quince tree, we leave gaps in our fence for hedgehogs to roam, we keep the bushes and vines full for the birds to nest and we encourage bees with an array of wild flowers.
Our landlord has been complaining for the last few months about our garden. After retiring in the spring of 2016 he has been on at me to cut back ANY leaves, branches or flowers which might creep over the fence. Having never had a great relationship with our land lord -who is also our neighbour, I decided to start selling off some of my plants before our trip rather than leave them behind and potentially face a massive gardening bill. I advertised on line and had a huge amount of interest. A few of the plants were taken away in the fall, most were reserved to be collected in the spring. This week the lady who had reserved a large hydranger called to say she is ready to collect it. It is with a heavy hart I remove the hydrangea today. It grew in the corner of our lawn between our terrace and a fence, in the summer it is huge and full of flowers, looking outside from our dinner table it’s flowers frame the garden nicely. I brought the plant when we were still living in an apartment in Geneva, around the time Holly was born, I have loved and nurtured it since, I was so happy to be able to transport it from a pot to the ground when we arrived here and now I am ripping it up out of the position it has thrived in, to give it away.
But it is only fitting I have my three girls helping me in the garden today, the sun is shining and the sky is blue, a perfect spring like day. We turned it into a bit of a nature lesson, trimming back the branches of surrounding plants and digging up a good round space for a large root ball -saving all the daffodils which are coming up. It took a lot of effort to finally lift the big plant out of the ground and transport it to a bag for collection, but once it was out the girls had a fantastic time in the hole left behind, digging for worms and looking at the different layers of soil. Tomorrow we will replace all the daffifol bulbs and try to fill the space left behind.
It is sad to dismantle a garden I have loved so much, but it’s made easier when I have the girls with me enjoying the work and finding their own love for gardening. Chloe was totally obsessed with the worms, she collected about 15 of them -all from one family apparently, then she sat with them in the dirt hole pretending she too was a worm. It was nice to get dirty and have a fun day at home, it reminded me of simple weekends I had growing up, it’s what memories are made of.

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