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Second interview with Sarah Williams from Tough Girl Challenges, done and dusted!

We had a great chat this morning, if not a little flat. I shared with Sarah the challenges and my frustrations at feeling overwhelmed as we work out our trip. But as I came away from our chat, I felt a renewed sense of motivation. Sarah is brilliant for her encouraging, positive manner and she has a great way of breaking down the problems to work through them. That being said, it is difficult to talk about all the nitty gritty details of this planning when we have just over an hour on a Skype call. I can get distracted knowing my interview will be listened to all over the globe and so in an effort to make sense I often, I’m sure, end up doing the complete opposite and come off sounding like I haven’t a clue about what is going on.

Sarah asked me some fabulous questions. One was about my ‘February focus’, what do I hope to achieve this coming month. I think this is a wonderfully positive way of looking forward and breaking down our ‘to do list’ into more manageable steps moving forward.

Sarah also asked me about what I can be proud of so far in 2017. I suppose for me, it is getting the website sorted -although far from finished, and finishing our housesitting profile. Both are little achievements, but both are things I can build on, and both are in new territory for me. I’ve not had to design and build a website before, so it is an interesting and often frustrating challenge. Sarah reminded me I could call on the Tough Girl Tribe, a closed Facebook group, for advise on the website side of things, which is defiantly something I will do this week.

Today I have a busy afternoon buying birthday presents for up coming birthday parties and Holly has her English class we need to get to later. I’m feeling a little jaded after a rather sleepless night with Gemma who is finally, if not reluctantly giving up her bottle. At 4am I wondered if all the stress was worth it. As I contemplated going downstairs for her bottle, I fell asleep with Gemma next to me and didn’t end up getting a bottle -it was a small achievement. I am told it only takes three nights to break a habit, one down two to go…

For now, I already need to get back to the daily grind. Earlier I installed Gemma in front of the TV with her nursery rhymes, which after a morning swimming in the pool with Iain she was more than happy about. It’s allowed me 5mins to sneak up to our bedroom with a bullet-proof coffee and my laptop to belt out this over due blog post, but it’s already 11:40am and I need to gather up Gemma and all our winter wears so we can walk up to the school to collect the older two for lunch. I have so much to do in terms of getting stuff done for this trip and I don’t imagine I will get into it again today until after the girls go to bed tonight, if I’m still awake then!

With the Tough Girl interview still fresh in my mind I am keen to continue moving forward with a little more focus and renewed motivation. I am keen to make this trip ‘public’. I am looking forward to receiving feedback and advice from others. Sometimes I do feel a little lost or overwhelmed as we plan this, unsure if we are going about it the right way or if we have forgotten something, but I guess all these doubts and fears are normal and channelled correctly are a good thing. We need to keep working, keep focused and keep moving forward.

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