How it all Begun

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Slowing down time and how our dream for this travel adventure came about.

-By Iain


So a couple of years ago whilst visiting Rachel’s family in New Zealand, her cousin Jane said something to me which has stayed with me and has prompted the journey we are about to begin.

We were in Ohakune, a small mountain resort about half way between Auckland and Wellington talking loosely about life plans as we watched over our new born baby Gemma and got to know Jane’s two charming, gregarious and slightly uninhibited kids. Our conversation led onto Jane’s plans with the winter lodge and bike rental shop her and her husband Darren were running, it’s seasonal nature and the challenges of running a successful business whilst raising a happy well balanced family. “Ideally we’d sell up and head back to Malaysia, buy a boat and travel around for a year or two. Spend some time with the kids and do our best to slow down time for a bit” she said somewhat nonchalantly. It was the idea of slowing down time which struck a chord with me.

Once we’d said our goodbyes and continued down the road to Wellington thoughts began to flash around my head as I pondered the possibility of time being slowed down by the decisions we choose to take in our lives. Our kids are growing up so fast and whilst our lives are full, interesting and blessed with a bucket load of good fortune, life’s fast-paced nature coupled with the technology that surrounds us and an underlying need for routine means we often don’t have time to truly make the most of it let alone take time to consider it. Could anything be done to change that? Don’t we owe it to ourselves and our kids to try and find out? Something was stirring inside me and after a short conversation with Rachel  I was convinced she felt the same way and had similar unanswered questions.


That was February 2014, Now, late in the summer of 2016 we have made the decision to try and find out the answers to some of those questions. We’ve decided to take a year off and travel the world with our kids. We aim to travel slow, take our time in new places, enjoy experiencing new cultures and homeschooling our kids. We hope that we’ll all benefit from this experience of a lifetime and whilst giving a little bit back along the way by getting involved in some community projects.


This blog aims to help document that year and the lead up to it. It will hopefully give us a medium to describe what it’s like, the highs and lows, the good and the bad. As business owners, and parents of three young girls we hope to share with you some of our experiences of what it’s like to take a step back from the frantic pace of modern life and take time to travel slowly, grow together and find out whether it  possible to slow down time and if so what that really means?


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