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Yesterday I had my first podcast interview. It was bizarre, I felt as though I didn’t have much to talk about, I didn’t want to come across as a ditz or a bore, I wanted to be genuine, relatable, interesting… I didn’t want to over think it.

After coming ‘off air’ I thought of all the things I could have said and the things I should have said better. I was talking to Sarah Williams from the Tough Girl Challenges about our Slow Travel plans for 2017. Recently Sarah and her Tough Girl tribe voted for 7 inspirational women to follow in 2017 as they talk about the challenges they set for the year ahead. I put my name in the ring and was surprised to named one of the seven inspirational women. I was chosen to talk about our future gap year travel plans. Starting now until I imagine when we return from our travels, I will chat regularly to Sarah about how we are preparing for our trip, the challenges, the fears, then hopefully the trip it self.

Yesterday we chatted for about 50mins. There were the typical technical hiccups, when I couldn’t get the mic on my lap top working, switch to iPad then rummage around for headphones with a mic which would fit my iPad… we got there in the end and had a quick chat before launching into full-on-serious-recorded interview mode.

I love listening to the Tough Girl podcasts, typically I only get to listen to them when I am out running. I find the best podcasts are the ones when the person doing most of the talking is positive and up-beat, if they come across as flat then it’s a bit dull -especially if I’m listening while on a long run. Part way through my interview yesterday I thought: ‘crap, I’m sounding flat’, but it was hard not too when I am talking about our fears and the challenges (whilst suffering with a dreadful cold). Thankfully Sarah is a great interviewer and is really easy to talk to. I came away from our chat feeling up beat and motivated about our slow travel idea. Off air Sarah gave me some great advice to take away. She suggested I get the blog live, as people are interested in what we have to say now. Although what we are doing doesn’t seem like much, it could be helpful to someone who is thinking about starting down a similar path to us. Another thing Sarah suggested was to basically own the blog, not to mess about with distancing myself from our Slow Travel idea, because they are essentially one in the same.

So here we are today, blog post one.
Two years since the seed was planted to take a Gap Year and about a year out from D-day I am going to start blogging.
Podcasting one day, blogging the next!

Take a listen to The Tough Girl 7 Women 7 challenges of 2017:

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