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So apparently I signed up to Twitter in 2010. I don’t think I’d looked at Twitter since then. I never really understood the point of Twitter. Who is on Twitter, how to do I filter out the trash and only read the things I’m interested in? Is it mostly people tweeting links to their blogs and other social media stuff? How does a Tweet become viral…. what’s a retweet, reply and hashtag?

I still dont know all these answers, but I am enjoying exploring the Twitter-sphere. I changed my personal account name to The Slow Travel Family. Rather than ask my Facebook friends to follow me on twitter (I wouldn’t know how to do that any way) I thought I would be a bit more organic about getting followers.

At this stage I dont have much to say. We haven’t done anything terribly interesting, neither the blog nor the website are on line, so again I am kind of just going it alone.

I searched the things of interest to us: ‘slow travel’ ‘family travel’ ‘digital nomad’… I was soon going from one interesting Twitter page to the next, there was so much to read! I noticed that a lot of the travel related stuff is either travel companies or travel bloggers. There seems to be LOADS of travel bloggers and amazing how many people are living a life of travel, I want to know more, how does someone travel for say 6 years, are they earning a living? And how long do you spend in one place before it becomes ‘living’ in that place rather than travelling?

It also amazes me how many followers people collect. I was stoked to wake up this morning and find I had 14 followers! Complete strangers who decided to follow us, were they hoping we had something interesting to say? Then I see some people have thousands even millions of followers, it’s madness, how does that happen? Then there are the people who follow thousands of people, I am having trouble keeping up with the 100 people I follow, how can I find the time to read all the stuff these people post? Does it get easier, or do you just learn to filter things better, only reading the things you know will really add value?

I’m still getting my head around it all and I am really enjoying doing so. I could see how it can easily become a big time waster though. Twitter in moderation.

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