We are locked and loaded!

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We have taken the plunge and put some serious savings down on the first part of our flights.
With the help of the ever patient and organised Jim, from Travel Nation we are confirmed from London through to Sri Lanka which will take us into 2018. For the second half of our trip we are still ironing out some of the details, but I am feeling great that we are all sorted and confirmed for flights and dates of the first part.
Jim has been a trooper! We can’t be the easiest clients, there have been many phone calls and emails back and fourth but even during weekends Jim is on hand to answer our questions. When we first started planning this trip we thought we would book all the flights ourselves, but Iain came across Travel Nation and knew Jim would be a good fit for us. As a father of two young children and having done a lot of family travel, he understood the essence of our trip and could offer some great suggestions and insight. It is also very reassuring to know Jim will be on hand if we need to adjust our itinerary or come into some trouble while we are travelling.
We are careful to save pennies where we can and we want to make sure we have the best of the weather where ever we were going -which means now mixing up our trip a little and not flying around the globe in one direction the whole way as planned. To save some money on flights we decided to spend an extra few days in America to avoid flying out over a weekend. We will now also have a night in Trinidad and Tobago before St Lucia. We also agreed to a super long travel day from St Lucia via several stops to Sri Lanka, saving us about a thousand dollars. During this long travel day we have about 6 hours at Kula Lumpa airport. We know KL airport pretty well already having transited through loads, the last time was in 2014, amazingly the same time this slow travel idea was born. All five of us were feeling totally jaded from our over night/no sleep flight from Auckland. We were so shattered when we landed at KL, after about 40mins of wandering around we ended up getting a room in the airport hotel so we could shower, stretch and lie horizontally, fingers crossed the budget extends to such luxuries this time!
Now the first half of the flights are confirmed I am looking forward to planning the second half of our trip. Jim has suggested we fly home via Asia rather than back through the US again as planned. This will save us money and it means we might be able to turn a stop over in Asia into a destination. Juggling the stops around could also mean we can head to NZ a little earlier and get the best of their summer weather. So we are back into the guide books and figuring out where we want to be when and how much it would cost. Remaining focused on our idea of slow travel and ensuring what we plan to do is something the five of us will all benefit from.

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