Website Messing and Stressing

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Sitting at the dinner table this afternoon I managed a really productive few hours with my laptop and a big pot of Matcha green tea. The kids were happily building forts in the playroom, getting along nicely only coming up from time to time for snacks and refreshments.

A couple of weeks ago, I set up our Slow Travel Family website. I purchased the domain name on Go Daddy and used the Go Daddy website builder to get started. I’ve been tweaking the site since. From my desk at work I would type in our web address and just stare at the site, feeling pretty proud of myself and excited to get it all sorted. I liked the over all look and feel of our page but there was still a lot of content missing and some little changes I needed to make.

Feeling the girls were in a semi self-sufficient mood this afternoon I decided to play with the web site for as long as they’d allow me to. I was struggling with a couple of the minor details and called Go Daddy who were able to help me with a few things.

I was stoked to finally be able to link in all our social media, a mini achievement for me, but I still couldn’t work out how to link in other pages from my home page. So I called the help line again. It was about now the three girls joined me in the living room, so I attempted to escape up stairs and lost wifi connection on my lap top -It had been too good for too long. The calm before the storm. I could sense disaster was looming. Pushing ahead with the call I got a load of enthusiasm and advice from the guy at the help desk. He ended up talking me into buying a wordpress site. Why I decided to commit 60 euros I don’t yet know, it seemed a good idea at the time. Apparently the word press site is far more straight forward and much easier to use. Yeah. It’s coming up to 5 hours I have been fiddling with Word Press now. I am still bloody confused and now we don’t have a fricken website.

My bottomless pot of Matcha green tea is keeping the zen, only just. I have stepped away from the website mess several times in total frustration. Deep breaths. More tea. Resist the single malt. May be I need to sleep on it. I need to remember all I acommpished today (then lost into the black hole of cyber space).
Seriously!!! 60 euros!

I did however take the plunge this afternoon and message the Tough Girl Tribe asking for some help and advice with Go Daddy. No one has been in touch yet, may be I should send out an up-dated mayday for fecken word press. Deep breaths.

I can’t wait to get this sorted, I feel once this is done so much else will fall into place and we can take a giant leap forward.

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