Slowing down time and giving something back as we explore the world around us

We are The Slow Travel Family living in Switzerland and planning our 'gap year abroad'. Follow us as we juggle the ups and downs of life, the stresses and excitement of saving, planning ...and eventually packing up and seeing the world. Our mission is to slow down time, to create precious memories as a family, while giving back to communities along the way.

We are so excited to see new places, but we want to do more than just travel through each place we visit, we want to really see it, to explore, to learn, to make new friends, to live. Our idea for slow travel is to have a purpose, we want to give back and make a positive difference. We want to teach our girls the importance of looking after our planet and valuing everyone on it. We want to learn together, experience together and really live a meaningful life together.

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