Slowing down time and Giving something back as we explore the world around us.

We are a family of five currently living in Geneva, Switzerland. Rachel, Iain and our three daughters; Holly (seven going on seventeen), Chloe (five and proud of it) and Gemma (3 with no intention of moving on).

As we prepare for a year unlike one we will experience again and embark on a mission of slow travel around the world we introduce, The Slow Travel Family.

Our intention is to travel slowly through various destinations, following the sunshine and giving our kids an education and series of experiences that will live with them forever. Since 2009 Rachel has worked part time as an administrative assistant in a financial institution. Iain has built up 2 businesses in the hospitality industry which have been running since 2008. Rachel will leave her job and Iain will entrust his businesses with his trusted business partners for the year ahead. We've saved hard for this opportunity and recognise that we are in a privileged position to even be able to attempt this. We are not homeowners and some might argue we would be more prudent at this stage of our lives to invest in bricks & mortar but we work on the premise that life is for living and this is the one shot we’ve got to give ourselves and our family a unique something special to treasure forever.

We set off with a well thought out but somewhat vague outline of a plan. We have a good idea about what we want to achieve but at the same time see it as a blank canvas to make of it what we can, what we want it to be.

Our objectives are to 'slow down time' and really spend quality time together as a family, to get to know and understand the places we visit and the people there and to also give back to communities along the way. We believe these three elements will make this gap year truly special. Please follow our adventures, we look forward to sharing it all with you x