Traveling Slow as a Family

There are many families out there living the digital nomad, slow travel life. The benefits are huge. One draw for us is the idea of slowing down time. We hope to do this by being together as a family and really getting to know, enjoy and explore the places we visit. No doubt there will be stresses and struggles but hopefully the benefits will far out way any negatives. This is a life changing opportunity and we are so excited to share it with you here.

What is Slow Travel?

Slow travel is an offshoot of the slow food movement, which began in Italy in the 1980s. The slow food movement aims to preserve regional cuisine, local farming, communal meals and traditional food preparation methods. This cultural initiative has since burgeoned into a way of life known as the Slow Movement, which emphasizes connection -connection to food, connection to families and, in the case of travel, connection to local peoples and cultures. Slow travel is not so much a particular mode of transportation as it is a mindset. Rather than attempting to visit as many sights or cities as possible, the slow traveler takes the time to explore each destination thoroughly. It is about mindfulness, developing a connection to the people and places you visit, learning about the culture and food, respecting the environment and really living in the moment.
Where are we going?
We are leaving the comfort of our home in Switzerland to travel the world... well kind of. Our first stop is London to hang out with friends and family there. From London we fly to San Francisco where we will spend a week getting ourselves sorted for a great American road trip. We estimate about two months to drive from West to East, meeting people, exploring the vast country and trying all the great and varied food of the U.S. of A. We fly out of Miami to St Lucia where we spend a month or so in the Caribbean hanging out as a family, enjoying the sea and sunshine, catching up on studies, recapping on our American adventure and taking some much needed R&R. From St Lucia we fly to Sri Lanka. We will find a base in Sri Lanka from where we will explore the diverse and fascinating island. We want to perfect our rusty surfing skills and learn to cook some amazing Sri Lankan food. Next stop is South East Asia where we will enjoy a mixture of travelling, exploring, adventure and chilling out. From S.E.A we go to N.Z. to see friends and family and visit parts of the country we are yet to explore. After N.Z on to Fiji then back to Geneva -slowly!
Where we've been so far
Follow our journey on the map below